Optimize every image and video

With abenecel, Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper is real.

abenecel is developing advanced image and video compression algorithms.

Original: 680 KB

New: 149 KB (78% reduction)

abenecel’ Smart image and video optimization can reduce the file size up to 90% at near similar quality.
Optimizing your images for web means faster load time, less storage on your server, and reduce CDN cost.


In traditional compression, one value apply to the whole file contents; the higher the compression, the smaller the files and the less quality. Mostly compression, it does get worse. This is not optimal method. Our approach is based on the human visual system, rather than computer system. For example, RGB color 255, 0, 34, 246, 13, 35 and 249, 1, 25 is same RED in human eyes. In case we merge them into a single RGB color. Then element is reduced. When you save a file, file format itself is now compressed more and will have a smaller file size. For human eyes, merged RGB are detected as similar. This is how we compress data inside the standard file format without losing quality.

The key idea of video compression is similar to image compression; human eyes don’t capture a single image in a video, rather a flow of continuous images. Our perceptual compression is applied to each video sequence; an I-frame and P-frame. In H.264 codecs, we re-encode the video file and reduce video files by 40-80% without noticeable loss of quality; the file will be lower bitrate but of higher quality. For example, on 1980*1080(Full HD) videos, our encoder achieves on average 40-80% reduction in file size for the visually same quality. In some part, like action scenes, our encoder improves a video quality. Here is an example frame from a 1080p video for compression benchmarking


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